Embrace the Danish art of living well -
light a candle and belong to the moment

Welcome to Pipkin&Co Candles - scented soy wax candles with a Danish Twist.


We have eight scents designed to take you on a journey. The Hygge range (meaning cosy) brings nature into your home from the trees of the forest, the salty waters of the lakeside to a log burning stove in a wooden cabin to the low golden setting sun of winter. These candles have transparent coloured glass which reflects each mood - green, smoke, brown and amber which look stunning against the melt pool of the soy wax.

The original trio Morgen, Dag and Aften, take you through the day. From putting on a fresh pot of coffee as you wake to taking a hot bath in the evening. Not forgetting the zesty yellow one to keep you going in-between!

Then we have Blomst, our stand alone scent, which in simple terms is a loving hug in a candle. Meaning 'to blossom' it's message is to nurture someone as they step into a new chapter of their lives.


(Danish meaning cosy)
(morning, day and evening)
(meaning to blossom)


Delivery is only within the UK at the moment as we are brand new,
To make life a little easier on everyone we're offering free delivery as an introductory offer.